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Medicus coat of arms

The members of the family Medicus today

The "Digital Archive for Family History (DAFFG)" is, in our knowledge, currently the only place where the family history of the family Medicus is put into archives. Please inspect the results and find your ancestors. If you can´t find them, please contact me to correct the data. I would appreciate a contact with you to complete it.

Members of the Family Medicus in the USA who are interested in their german ancestors may take contact via eMail.

The descendants in the USA are invited to take part in further researches about the family Medicus, as far as it concerns their nearer family or when they want to take contact to a family member in Germany.

The today's possibilities of the Internet allow the establishment of contact with remotely living relatives who knew up to now nothing of each other. Because the family Medicus does not dispose of a central family archive, the present Internet site (or his digital archive) can form a collective point. We invite every enthusiast to take part in the researches. Scanned old and new documents, baptismal reports and topical information (Marry, deaths etc.) could be digitally stored here for future generations.

The family Medicus in history

"It is hardly to be supposed that the Latin name Medicus has originated at several places in Germany at the same time, just as the German name for it (Arzt, Arzet) (in english: physician). The Latin name, likewise the German, are too peculiary for it. As a result of that is also to be supposed with considerable security that - the case of a later humanistic coating in Latin garment provided - also a family provable only in the 16th or 17th century of this name is connected to the older bearers."

(Extract from Heraldic Sheets, Part I, 1905, S.135ff, 152 and the following).

So far the source of the heraldic sheets, written in 1905 from Prof. Leopold Oelenheinz. These sheets are outdated in the respect that between 1995 and 1999 Dr. Reinhard Medicus from Salzburg has resumed the researches. He sighted and checked the amassed documents, summarised them and added names of emigrants, in particular to the USA. Moreover he established personal contact with German Medicus descendants in the USA. The result are extensive family tree representations in graphic, and with it more clear, form. - Now these researches are to be continued.

Your data is protected

The worked out family trees of the family Medicus with the real names and data cannot be made public in entirety, because they also contain data and family relations of even more living people, unless, there already exists an approved publication (e.g. the person publishes his data, e.g. his birthdate). The private parts are split off and protected before foreign access. These people are marked with "living descendants (protected)"Locked.gif. If you like to receive access to these family tree parts, e.g. to take up contact with distant relatives, turn please to the author of this web page. You find other publicly accessible texts and pictures under houses and places as well as literature.

Munich, 20.Januar 2019

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Please take contact via eMail

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